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Wedding photography faqs
Frequently asked questions about our wedding photography
What areas do you cover?
We photograph weddings mainly in the Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans areas. The counties we are mainly photographing in are Herts, Beds, Bucks. We also get asked to cover weddings in the north London area. We’re happy to go further afield too – just ask us.
Describe your style in 5 adjectives.
Formal, informal, journalistic, photographing small details and parts of the wedding day, and getting a good overall view of each wedding we photograph.

Wedding at Blue Orange Images photographers – St Michael’s Manor Hotel, St Albans
Wedding at Blue Orange Images photographers – St Michael’s Manor Hotel, St Albans
What aspect of your business are you most proud of?

We are proud that we can get the photographs that we need for the bride & groom’s wedding album – with the minimum fuss and without being bossy.
What is your most memorable wedding?
We can’t answer that – we love all our brides and grooms! We enjoy being part of all our brides and grooms wedding days. We aim to get great photographs of every wedding that we cover. Whether the wedding is very simple or flamboyant – we want to get the best photos we can.

Can you just photograph our wedding ceremony?
Yes we can, we’ve got our Wedding Ceremony package, great if you’re sticking to a budget, perhaps at a register office. Click here for more details.

What is your top tip for wedding couples?
Remember that everyone wants you to have a good day, they want the very best for you.
Wedding at Blue Orange Images photographers – St Michael’s Manor Hotel, St Albans
What is your favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

The wedding car was a Range Rover that had been in the family for many years, lovingly maintained by the father of the bride. When the family were discussing wedding cars, the bride and her sister (who was also the bridesmaid) said that they the Range Rover was the only option.
Describe your typical process with a wedding couple.
Edna & I photograph every wedding together – that’s how we do it – it means that every bride & groom get 2 photographers. We meet with the bride and groom. We find out about the wedding day, the family, the people taking part, we love the stories.

Engagement photoshoots
We do an engagement / pre-shoot, this gives us all a good opportunity to get to know each other – the engagement shoot is included in all our wedding packages. On the wedding day, we get to the wedding venue in plenty of time. We photograph guests, the bride groom and best man. If requested we photograph the bride getting ready. We photograph lots of details, such as flowers, wedding rings, details of the venue.

Wedding at Blue Orange Images photographers – St Michael’s Manor Hotel, St Albans
Two photographers – good for your wedding day
During the wedding we photograph from different angles. We are very respectful of the wedding ceremony – we don’t up-stage the bride and groom. We want the the bride, groom, family and friends to enjoy the day – we work as fast as we can, we think we can get the shots that we need without taking a really long time. We photograph groups afterwards, a big group, if requested, then smaller groups, then maybe some of the bride and groom, then maybe we give the bride and groom a break and then some more photos of them.

Brides & groom say we work hard at their weddings
We keep photographing, formal and informal for the whole time that we’re in attendance. We normally do a mock shot of the bride & groom cutting the cake. We’re very happy to photograph the speeches and the first dance, we can also take photographs of the evening guests.

Wedding at Blue Orange Images photographers – St Michael’s Manor Hotel, St Albans

We have lots of experience photographing weddings together, and know how to shoot weddings, but we always want the bride and groom to be part of the photography planning – or we take it all off your shoulders.

We’re pretty flexible – and we’re very happy to give you suggestions and advice too.

Wedding photography package prices
Contact us on 01923 350596, 0777 999 1551 or for package prices and to check if we’re available on your wedding date.

Click for details of our all day photography & half day photography packages.

What is the number one photo that you think every couple should take?
We probably think the number one photo should be of the bride and groom on their own – because it’s their wedding – they’re the reason that the wedding is happening.
Blue Orange Images wedding photographers, bride’s & bridesmaids’ shoes, St Albans
What is the most original photo you’ve been asked to take at a wedding?

That’s a hard one – mainly because our brides and grooms seem to take their lead from us. We’re going to keep thinking about this question, and hopefully come up with a proper answer.

What do you recommend for a rainy day wedding?
We photograph our weddings mainly in Britain – rain is always a possibility. We always visit our wedding venues, including the church if it’s a church wedding. We always take a look at good indoor backgrounds.

One wedding had a large covered outdoor area that we did a lot of the daytime shots in.

Describe how you got into photography: Edna

People are my passion and I’ve been photographing them since my early teens. People tell me I have an ability to put them at their ease, getting the best images of small and large groups is something that I do very well.

Along with my husband John, I believe that we make a good photographic team. Whatever or whoever we’re photographing, whether it’s a wedding or party or a family, we always have the greatest respect for the feelings and wishes of everyone involved.

Jayne, the Office Manager, looks after the Blue Orange Images office very efficiently.

We were both brought up and got married in Shetland, we moved to Watford in the early 1990s, and then to Abbots Langley (just north of Watford) in 2005.

First wedding shoot
I did art at school to Higher level (Scottish A-level!) and put this training to good use in all my photography. I shot my first wedding in the mid-1990s and loved it – I photographed various friend’s weddings, as time went on I learning more and more about handling groups of people and developing professionally, since 2006 I have photographed weddings professionally.

Photographing all our weddings together
A couple of years later John (click for John’s profile) and I decided that we’d photograph all our weddings together, this meaning we can cover every wedding and event we shoot in a much fuller way than one photographer could do.

Describe how you got into photography: John

The first time I was paid for photographing an event was a friend of a friend’s daughter’s christening in the early 1990s, like Edna I have photographed various friend’s weddings from the mid-1990s.

I’ve been creating images all my life – as a child and teenager I always had a sketchbook and made scrapbooks. At the age of 16 to did an apprenticeship as a printer at a company called Nelson Smith Printing Services in Shetland, where I grew up and lived until I moved to Watford with my wife (and photography partner) Edna.

My work at the printers included designing artwork and cropping and evaluating photographs for use in various kinds of printed material. I bought my first camera in my mid teens. When we moved to Watford in 1991 I went to West Herts College to do graphic & typographic design, part of the course was developing our photographic skills – I loved the photographic side of the course and spent much more time photographing and developing photos than the course required.

I started my own graphic design company, Peter Magnus Design in 1997, which I still run today – along with my photographic work in Blue Orange Images.

We bought our first digital camera in 2002 – a Nikon 5000. When we bought our second digital camera a couple of years later Edna (Edna’s profile) and I started considering that photographing events together could be a very good way of capturing a broader range of images and angles of any events that we photographed. I think that having two photographers is a great benefit to any event, we are also often told that we make brides, grooms and families feel at ease.

I believe that we make everyone look their very best, as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss.


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